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Floor Option – Heveatech Decking

Heveatech Decking - eco-friendly wood flooring in Singapore

Heveatech is designed with the mission to be the most environmentally friendly wood product in the world. With Heveatech advanced proprietary technology, Heveatech wooden flooring and wood laminate is far more superior to other wood products in terms of performance and durability that can be found in Singapore.

Hevea wood, with high density grain and characteristics like Teak, whitish yellow when freshly cut and subsequently seasoned down to a light brown have easy machining and working qualities.

Plantation trees intended for wood harvesting are felled and cut upon maturity in a short span cycle

that will affect the environment as well as bio-diversity. However, Hevea wood derived from Hevea trees at farms are only felled and its logs "reclaimed" to prevent wastage after the end of its 25 to 30 years of latex producing lifespan. No intended falling of trees for wood, a simple justification why Hevea wood is the eco-friendly wood product of choice.

Heveatech wood is certified Green Label, endorsed by Singapore Environment Council as Made from Sustainable Materials under certification No: 035-078

Heveatech is the long awaited solution to these environmental issues by surpassing all major parameters of dimensional stability, structural integrity, durability and pest infestations, where no other wood product comes close.


Resist termites, insects and natural abuse.


Only normal maintenance, no extra wood treatment application required for cost savings.

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